Only thanks to a large number of sponsors the international edition of Maarsbergen Horse Trials can be organized at Maarsbergen. We appreciate their committment and involvement.

When you are looking for something really special.....

A special wish, something special, to organize your own unique event during the international edition of Maarsbergen Horse Trials at Maarsbergen Estate? In fact we are not limited to serve you. We offer a fantastic location, delicious catering, beautiful tents, an enthusiastic crew and lots of options. Your product presentation, your summer event with clients or your staff, special seminar, family party, photo shoot or perhaps a wedding in the beautiful park at Maarsbergen Estatewith the most beautiful equestrian sport in the background? It is not going to become more beautiful and unique. Contact the organisation and together we will realize your ambitions. But, even if you opt for one of our standard sponsor packages, we will turn it into something beautiful together with you.

I want to be part of it as a sponsor

Cross obstacle


Water fence complex, consisting of a number of obstacles

€ 3000,-

Obstacle A-location

€ 1500,-

Obstacle B-location

Adopting a category

€ 1000,-

Adoption per category (3 different categories; exclusive of the prize money)


€ 600,-

Placement of beach flags (3 flags)

€ 500,-

Placing boarding (1 board)

VIP voucher

€ 50

1 VIP-voucher (per day, per person)

Club 500

€ 500,-

2 VIP vouchers
Website name mentioning
Name on event site
Invitation meeting Maarsbergen Estate