About eventing

About Eventing

Eventing is the most complete form of equestrian sport: the triathlon of equestrian sport, accredited by the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale)

Eventing arose from a military competition between officers with their horses, coping with challenges that could occur in the fields. It also ensured a fair comparison between the horses and cavalrymen of different countries. The modern eventing competition is a combination of a dressage test, a cross country course and a show jumping course. The rider mounts the same horse in all three tests.

Cross Country

The cross country is the climax. Speed, endurance and jumping capacity of the horse play a major role here, but also the ability of the rider to guide his horse through the terrain as efficiently as possible.

The cross country usually has 25 to 45 fixed obstacles such as tree trunks, logs, jumps, water fences and ditches.